Swimming pool accessories and extra options

A movable access platform is one of our swimming pool accessories and is a comfortable tool that allows people with disabilities to enter the pool unassisted. It is height-adjustable and easy to operate, and it can be supplied with removable handrails and polycarbonate safety plates.

Swimming pool accessories like a Touch screen + PLC technology

A watertight control panel equipped with the latest PLC technology is one of the standard options upon the installation of a movable pool floor. The panel enables you to easily set the desired floor height.

Water-depth display

Our LED displays with aluminum casing have a 120-degree viewing range. The displays are interference-resistant, and they are equipped with automatic activation and deactivation. Once the pool is closed, the display switches off automatically, increasing its lifecycle.

Integrated stairs

One of our other swimming pool accessories is the integrated stairs. Apart from the well-known stainless steel stairs, we also offer integrated stairs, which, for many target groups, are an important way to access the pool unaided. Integrated stairs also look much more streamlined because they are fully incorporated into the pool design.


PoolpodsBesides a disabled platform, Variopool also has the Poolpod. A Poolpod is specially designed for swimming pools and gives easy access to the pool for people with reduced mobility. The Poolpod is developed for the Olympic Delivery Authority and with financial support from the London Marathon Trust.

Poolpod is powered by small, lightweight rechargeable batteries, allowing approximately 20 cycles per charge. This, coupled with a robust mechanical design, ensures access to the pool is fast and reliable. Ascent, descent and depth are user-defined using a button-free RFID proximity wristband. This, coupled with a robust mechanical design, ensures access to the pool is fast and reliable.

The unique pivot arm design of the Poolpod allows the platform to deploy in a single motion. It takes approximately 20 seconds to lower to a 0.9m depth. The lift remains level during its deployment phase and when stowed remains clear of the pool. Touch sensors ensure the safety of other pool users. Poolpod can be easily removed from the poolside and stowed remotely for events by pool staff.

The complete Poolpod system includes a pool attendants’ remote control, a wall charging unit and changing room security for wheelchairs.