Grand opening Klaipeda swimming pool

Full learner pool inside an official 50m competition pool

Last week was the grand opening of the most innovativ swimming pool in Lithuania, Klaipeda. The unique things about this swimming pool is that it is the first new 50m pool in Lithuania which is equipped with a movable floor, a vertical bulkhead and a hinged bulkhead. This creates a full learner pool inside an official 50m competition pool. Which is unique in the world!

Two temperatures is an ideal situation for a learner pool

It is also possible to increase the water temperature above the movable floor to use this area for children, babies, seniors, etc. They can enjoy the warm water in this special area. This unique and innovative design of the project is designed by our partner Slangen and Koenis. We are very proud of this unique project. Read more about the 2TEMP solution.